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How to know you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown & how to stop it before it happens!

1) feeling emotionally and physically exhausted

Insight: Be intentional about your boundaries! A possibility of you feeling exhausted is because you might have no boundaries and say yes to everything. This was my case too, I said yes to everything at work which made me feel guilty constantly.

2) Random trembling or shaking (very important)

Insight: check with your doctor if you have an underlying issue, if not, then be aware that it could be your body's response to dread and fear, which leads to a nervous breakdown

3) having difficulty getting along with or tolerating other people (especially if it's people you have never had that problem with)

Insight: Your comfort with people indicates a level of relationship with them, especially if it's people you generally get along with. If you find yourself getting agitated and annoyed, that is time to do self reflection before it's too late!

4) Having cardiovascular symptoms, such as a racing or irregular heartbeat

Insight: Having random heartbeats is always a concern. First, check with your doctor. If there are no health issues, then it's a sign that your body and mind might be over pumped.

5) If you constantly feel the need to fix things and get disappointed if you can't fix them

Insight: this is the emotional part that can get you started in a downfall, the need to control things is what will eventually control you


1) Meditate/practice mindfulness (This is not as hard as it sounds, It is just being in the moment)

2) Set Boundaries

3) Develop a healthy bedtime routine, since you might need more sleep

4) Stress Management (Important to note that this is not the elimination of stress, since that is not possible, but it's about the ability to cope with stress)

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